Get your free digital copy of our comic book highlighting social innovations from Finland, Ireland and the UK!

Get your free digital copy of our comic book highlighting social innovations from Finland, Ireland and the UK!

The Finnish Institute in the UK and Ireland celebrates its 30th birthday with a publication highlighting social innovations that promote equality. 

“Instead of writing a history of the Institute, we wanted to look ahead and inspire a new generation of social innovators. The Covid-19 pandemic and the rebuilding that will follow has made this seem increasingly pertinent”, says Ninni Lehtniemi who coordinated the book project. 

The comic book An Equal Future – Inspiring Social Innovations from Finland, the UK and Ireland will appear in Finnish, Swedish and English. The innovations have been selected following interviews with experts from the three regions. Three leading comic artists worked on the book: Maria Björklund from Finland, Darryl Cunningham from England and PJ Holden from Northern Ireland. 

“We always seek to combine art and societal impact in our projects. As such, a comic book about social innovations perfectly reflects the institute’s approach” says Jaakko Nousiainen, interim director of the Institute.  

The format of the book is an anthology and each artist tackles a different theme in their work. Cunningham’s contribution investigates universal basic income, Holden, in turn, sheds light on inventions that put technology to work for the cause of equality and Björklund explores innovations based on human interaction. 

The project was carried out in collaboration with Lakes International Comic Arts Festival.

“We were delighted to participate in this project and support the Institute’s innovative use of comics to inspire people. Comics are accessible, inclusive and relevant and we believe this anthology will reach and engage the widest possible range of people,” says festival director Julie Tait.  

Over the coming spring, the Institute organises a series of online discussions that deal with themes and innovations presented in the book. More information about the discussions here.

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