We promote transparency and creative ways to use data

The Institute publishes open-access articles, blog posts and discussion papers and engages in a number of projects aimed at making information and data accessible to wider audiences. We also encourage creative use of existing data for the purposes of research and art. Digitalising cultural heritage supports its reliable preservation and accessibility. We have created a digital gallery A Tale of Two Countries, which preserves the shared history of Finland and Britain and explores cultural, political and economic relations of the two countries. The gallery consists of digitised historical materials, such as letters, newspapers, photographs and books, including a full digitalised version Kalevala, the epic of Finland. The online gallery also invites individual people to preserve their own memories and photos as a part of the history. It was created in collaboration with The British Library, The National Archives of Finland, The National Library of Finland and several other Finnish and British archives. We also promote libraries, as they are an important source of free, open-access information. In Finland, high-quality libraries have been one of the key factors in high literacy rates and level of education. In 2017, we celebrated libraries and literacy by donating translated Finnish books to libraries around the UK and Ireland. This 10 x 10 Stories from Finland campaign was created together with the Embassy of Finland in London and various publishing houses, including Bloodaxe Books, Gecko Press, Orenda Books, Pikku Publishing, Serpent’s Tail, Sort of Books and Vagabond Voices. Please find more information on our current projects below. Theme photo: Syd Shelton 

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