An Equal Future – An online discussion series on inspiring social innovations from Finland, Ireland and the UK

An Equal Future – An online discussion series on inspiring social innovations from Finland, Ireland and the UK

Finnish Institute in the UK and Ireland celebrates its 30th birthday with a publication highlighting social innovations that promote equality. The comic book An Equal Future – Inspiring Social Innovations from Finland, the UK and Ireland features social innovations that have been selected following interviews with experts from the three regions. Three leading comic artists worked on the book: Maria Björklund from Finland, Darryl Cunningham from England and PJ Holden from Northern Ireland.

Download a free copy of the book here:

Discussion series

Over the next months, the Institute arranges a series of online discussions with prominent Finnish, Irish and UK change makers in the field to highlight central themes and innovations from the book. Business Illustrator Virpi Oinonen documents the conversations visually, and her summaries of past events can be found below.

Upcoming events

10 March, 5pm-6pm UK/Ireland, 7pm-8pm Finland
Finnish Baby Box goes Global

For the past 80 years, all Finnish parents have been provided a box by the state. It is a starter kit with necessities ranging from clothes to toys to help care for their newborn. Today Finland has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world, in part thanks to this maternity package.

So far there have been over 100 maternity package pilots in more than 60 countries. How has Finland exported this social innovation? How can the box be adapted to different climates, cultures and health care systems?

Join the online discussion with Dr Annariina Koivu, Ella Davidoff, Maria Gray and Heli Suominen. The event is organised in collaboration with the Embassy of Finland in London.

More details and registration here

Past events

24 February, 5pm-6pm UK/Ireland, 7pm-8pm Finland
Physically distanced, socially connected – Youth mental health and accessible free-time activities

We invited Pihla Aaltonen (Sekasin Chat), Juliette O’Donnell (Galway Community Circus) and Irma Sippola (City of Helsinki) to discuss the pandemic’s impact on young people and the crucial support provided by accessible leisure activities.

Virpi Oinonen’s visual summary of the event:

3 February, 5pm-6pm UK/Ireland, 7pm-8pm Finland
Book launch – Turning social innovations into a comic book

We  invited the artists behind the book, Maria Björklund, Darryl Cunningham and PJ Holden, to discuss their work on this book with Andrew Miles, professor of Sociology at the University of Manchester.

Virpi Oinonen’s visual summary of the event:




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