8.4. Universal Basic Income after the Pandemic

8.4. Universal Basic Income after the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the deficiencies of existing social benefits systems worldwide. Discussion around universal basic income is now more topical than ever. Join a panel discussion with three leading UBI experts:

Jamie Cooke is the Head of RSA Scotland, he leads on the development of the RSA’s activity and impact across a broad range of areas. Key current areas of interest include Basic Income (in which he is a global leader), Resilience, Post-Industrial Cities, Inclusive Growth and the Future of Work. Jamie is a frequent public speaker and writer, and co-author of the recent reports A Basic Income for Scotland and Pathways Towards a Universal Basic Income.

Minna Ylikännö (Ph.D.) is a senior specialist at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment in Finland, and adjunct professor in the Department of Social Policy at the University of Turku. Previously, she has worked as senior researcher and head of the research team at the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (KELA). Currently, Minna is engaged in the evaluation of the Finnish basic income experiment.

Tuomas Muraja is a Finnish freelance journalist and author who was one of the 2,000 people selected to take part in Finland’s two year universal basic income trial (2017-2018). He has written a book “Perustulokoe-eläin” about his experiences as a ‘guinea pig’ for the experiment.

The event is part of a series ‘An Equal Future’ on inspiring social innovations from Finland, the UK and Ireland. Download your free comic book of the same name and theme here!

The event takes place on Zoom on Thursday 8.4., 17–18 UK time. Register for free

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