A story of melody, presence and empathy between two people.

Artist Heidi Kilpeläinen’s Land of Dreams is a 3-channel video installation formed of recorded encounters with refugees from several countries, Finnish war invalids and their widows. During these encounters, Kilpeläinen sang Finnish tango songs to the people she met, one person at a time. Following this, the audience was invited to sing back in their own language.

These encounters took place during Kilpeläinen’s Tango Therapy performances which saw her travel across Finland, visiting refugee centres and war invalids’ homes. The installation focuses on melody, presence and empathy within interaction between two people.

The compiled installation has its test preview at Beaconsfield Gallery in London on 8 March.

This project has been funded by KONE Foundation. 

Land of Dreams, Beaconsfield Gallery, 22 Newport St, Lambeth, London SE11 6AY, 7pm–11pm 8.3.2019, free admission.

Text: Essi Miettunen Photo: Heidi Kilpeläinen

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