We’re looking for a new Director!

We’re looking for a new Director!

The Director is responsible for the development and execution of the Institute’s strategy, operations and fundraising. You, and the team, will deliver impact based on the strategy and the annual plan. At the same time you will stay ahead in your understanding of cultural and societal movements in Finland and relate these to relevant movements in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

What we are looking for?

  • Insight: You understand, and take a creative interest in, societal and cultural developments in Finland, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. 
  • Leadership: You have the ability for strategic leadership. You look ahead. You know how to measure impact at a programmatic level and you are daring enough to take calculated risks on individual projects.
  • Networks: You are skilled in building and maintaining cross-border, and cross-disciplinary, networks which last, and which make an impact. You can develop innovative partnerships which help sustain this impact, and which underpin successful fundraising.
  • Execution: You are able to manage funding from multiple sources and steer parallel projects. 
  • People Skills: You have sufficient experience and the confidence to lead a small, efficient team of top professionals and interns. You are committed to equality, accessibility and transparency. 
  • Qualifications: You are fluent in written and spoken English and Finnish. You have a Master’s Degree or higher. 

The Director is recruited on a four-year contract. The office of the institute is in Kings Cross in London. The new Director will start during the spring of 2021. Please apply here by 31st December 2020 23:59 (Finnish time). 

More information: Director Emilie Gardberg (emilie.gardberg@fininst.uk, +44 7714 768932) Chair of the Board Tommi Laitio (tommi.laitio@fininst.uk, +358 50 563 4950 )

Photo: Eeva Rinne

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