Together Alone 2.0 projects include contemporary circus and sustainable fashion

Together Alone 2.0 projects include contemporary circus and sustainable fashion

In May 2021 the Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes announced a new ‘Together Alone 2.0’ open call for art projects in order to help the art scene battle challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. The open call was aimed at artists and creative workers whose activities and livelihood have been adversely affected by the pandemic. Out of over 140 applications eight projects have been selected that investigate new ways of working and thinking in this difficult time.

We are grateful for all the applications that we received. It is impressive to see how artists from around the world are reflecting on the global crisis and the state of emergency through art, and how they are doing this together across borders.

The following projects will be commissioned for Together Alone 2.0: 

  • Minna Pöllänen: Talk Me Tender
  • Anni Puolakka: Inside Eye, Mother Compost 
  • Jani Kaila: Veerkracht 
  • Meriam Trabelsi, Pehmee Kollektiivi: Safer Spaces For Unhad Conversations 
  • Johanna Rotko: The Nature of Microbes 
  • David Kozma: The Middle Eastern Bloc podcast Presents Spring ’ 21 
  • Jaana Pirskanen and Jukka Vallisto: Together Alone In Time 
  • Milena Oksanen: Beatland (A Circus Dream) 

By following the Institutes’ social media channels and the #TogetherAloneFi hashtag, you will from August onwards be able to explore all the selected Together Alone 2.0 projects. 

For more information, please contact:

Pauliina Ståhlberg
Director, The Finnish Cultural Institute in Madrid
+34 91 444 44 14

Jaakko Nousiainen
Director, The Finnish Institute in the UK and Ireland
+44 (0)7711004801

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