Staff’s Choice: Waiting for the hatchlings

Staff’s Choice: Waiting for the hatchlings

The Finnish Institute’s staff shares their recommendations for a better May.

Jaakko’s Choice: WWF Wildlive 

Osprey belongs to the hawk-family and it is a medium-sized bird of prey. There are an estimated 1,100 breeding pairs of ospreys in Finland. This live-camera, installed by nature photographer Juha Taskinen, is located at Lake Saimaa, southeastern Finland and is brought to you by the WWF. Watching an osprey couple incubating their two eggs is mesmerising, and offers a welcome escape into the wilderness in these times when we’re forced to spend most of our time inside four walls in corona quarantine. When will the hatchlings emerge?!

Rosaliina’s Choice: ICA Daily

Even a bit of routine is welcome at a time like this. ICA London’s curatorial team is doing a splendid job piecing together a daily newsletter of recommended reading, viewing and listening. The newsletter, released every morning at 10am (BST), includes a rich and personal selection of films and documentaries, links to journal archives, music, essays, books and more. You can subscribe or browse the previously published selections on their website .

Ninni’s Choice: Giles Peterson at BBC 6 Music

London lockdown means I won’t be hanging out in sweaty clubs, rooftop bars or festivals this May. Instead I’ll be spending my Saturdays on my sofa enjoying DJ Giles Peterson’s Saturday show on BBC Radio 6 Music. The show normally runs for three hours, but has been extended for four during the lockdown. Giles plays for example soul, hip-hop, house, Afro, Latin, electronica and jazz. The mix is often surprising and always excellent.

Emilie’s Choice: Music Finland

We are all starved for our live experiences and I’m particularly craving my concerts. Luckily Music Finland has heard my anguish and made a listing on the best of Finnish music online, from metal to folk and indie to classical. Listen to frequent London-visitor Verneri Pohjola’s album release concert on May 6th or Apocalyptica’s upcoming live #StayHome concert on 14th of May or one of the many previously made concerts. Now is truly the time to dive into one of Finland’s best export products – fabulous music!

Photo: WWF Finland

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