Staff’s choice: Park life!

Staff’s choice: Park life!

Welcome spring with these picks from the Institute’s staff:


Jaakko’s choice: New Nordic Voices, 29 March – 2 April

I am beginning to develop physical withdrawal symptoms for not having been able to go to the theatre for over a year. Still a while to wait, but luckily there’s interesting theatre happening online too. The amazing Cut the Cord theatre company has initiated a new translation programme to translate plays from emerging Nordic playwrights, culminating in a showcase of contemporary Nordic drama. New Nordic Voices presents readings of five Nordic plays, presented in 20-minute extracts directed and performed by UK-based artists. I’m looking forward to the reading of the Finnish play Hornblende, written by Arda Yildirim and translated by Eva Buchwald. It will be performed along the other Nordic texts on Wednesday 31 March 1pm-3pm BST. 

The readings will be streamed live on Youtube, get your tickets here:


Ninni’s choice: James Acaster: Cold lasagne hate myself 1999

It was a very sweaty evening in London and The Bill Murray Angel Comedy Club was so packed it was impossible not to spill one’s pint all over the place. Shoot from the Hip is a club night for stand up comedians to practice new material. We had managed to get tickets to see the hilarious Jamie Acaster’s training session, and after the night our clothes were wet from beer and sweat, and all our muscles were aching from laughing. The memory feels extremely distant at the moment but Acaster’s show Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999 is now available at Vimeo. It may even contain some familiar bits! 

James Acaster: Cold lasagne hate myself 1999, £8,


Iina’s choice: Cultureels – Ethnographic Film Festival 2021

Cultureels is not just a film festival, it distinguishes itself as being one of the only anthropological film festivals in Finland. Cultureels is runned by enthusiastic  anthropology students from Helsinki and it offers a wide selection of ethnographic documentaries from all over the world. I am especially interested in student made short films that focus on issues around gender and identity. The festival theme for this year is Change


Volter’s choice: A stroll down South

As we slowly emerge from a lockdown winter and the days grow longer, it’s time to return to the great outdoors and London’s parks. A personal favourite is Crystal Palace Park, an idiosyncratic green space originally designed and built to accommodate Joseph Paxton’s Crystal Palace built for the 1851 Great Exhibition. Unfortunately, Paxton’s structure hasn’t survived to the present-day but one of London’s most unique and enjoyable parks remains. 

Crystal Palace Park, Thicket Rd, London SE19 2GA,

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