Sensuous Workshop

Performance artist and psychologist Jaana Pirskanen will lead the Sensuous Workshop for 60+ Londoners this November. The participants will explore their sensuality through drag and burlesque. A similar workshop is also arranged in Helsinki this autumn and a photography and video exhibition will be put together of them both.

In the workshop participants will build characters, who resemble their inner superheros. In the end of the workshop photographer Vilma Rimpelä will take portrays and videos of the participants.

The Sensuous -project celebrates sexuality and beauty of people over sixty. Everyone has the right to be seen and heard as a sensual being, despite their age.

The Finnish Institute in London supports the Sensuous Workshop.

Sensuous Workshop, Dance Research Studio, 23 Orsman Road, London N1 5RA. 20.–28.11.2018. Admission: free. Book your spot:

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