EVENT POSTPONED Otto Byström and Henna Hyvärinen from Sorbus artist collective: This four-day event is the climax for this production

EVENT POSTPONED Otto Byström and Henna Hyvärinen from Sorbus artist collective: This four-day event is the climax for this production

Sorbus artist collective’s event The Reunion treats Londoners with the UK premiere of Wild is the Wind and a long list of other performances.

What kind of a group is Sorbus? How do you work together?
Henna: Sorbus has been an artist collective since 2015. In the beginning Sorbus was an art space but after running the space for a couple of years we also started doing artistic projects together. We ended up in this situation kind of by accident. It was never decided consciously that we are going to start working together as a collective.
Otto: As a collective we try to work without internal hierarchies. We develop ideas on an equal basis and talk them through together. We don’t have any designated roles within the collective. If patterns or structures emerge, they are also just a part of our natural processes. Everybody gravitates towards those elements and roles that match their interests and strengths.

What is the story behind Wild is the Wind videopiece?
Otto: Wild is the Wind is heavily connected to The Finnish Institute’s Mobius programme. We were interested in creating something new together as a collective within the framework of this programme. The process has been long. We started coming up with ideas and writing the story back in summer 2018. Filming took place in Cornwall at the end of the same year. The London event is a kind of a climax for this project. Almost the whole production team is meeting up after a long time and the whole thing feels a bit like a circle is closing.

What kind of themes does Wild is the Wind focus on?
Otto: The themes that we focus on surfaced while making the film. The filming process was improvised to a large extent. The broader setting was scripted but we wanted individual scenes to evolve freely. Before we started filming we thought about things that we didn’t want to focus on. Our previous works have commented on the arts field and we didn’t want this piece to be socially critical in the same way. Our priority was to create something beautiful and poetic. In retrospect it is possible to say that uncertainty and insecurity have surfaced as central themes in Wild is the Wind.

What kind of an audience do you hope will find their way to this event?
Henna: It would be amazing if we managed to create art that was somehow universal and appealed to audiences outside of the arts scene. Our most obvious audience is those that enjoy contemporary art and film. On the other hand, it’s fascinating when people just come across our work. It’s also interesting that this event doesn’t take place in an old cultural establishment because that would target a specific audience. The Reunion takes place on a houseboat, which gives the whole event a very unique vibe.

Event postponed until further notice

Sorbus: The Reunion
19 –22/3
The Harpy Houseboat, River Thames, China Wharf, Mill St, London SE1 2BQ, UK
The event is free but booking is required
More info and tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-reunion-tickets-92694741467

Text: Eeva Lehtonen, Image: Production still from Wild is the Wind 

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