Nordic Exposure brings Piste, piste, piste by Portmanteau to Jacksons Lane

Nordic Exposure brings Piste, piste, piste by Portmanteau to Jacksons Lane


Jacksons Lane’s Nordic Exposure season brings the very best in circus, theatre and family shows from Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and The Faroe Islands to London. During the season, which spans from March to the first of May, the audiences get to glimpse at the world through Nordic eyes through the performances.

One of the performances from Finland is Piste, piste, piste by Portmanteau. It combines contemporary circus with illusion and handmade projections to transform the stage into a universe that allows room for the audience’s own imagination. Inspired by the children’s book Três pontinhos (three little dots), the performance sensitively builds up around a journey of two characters that one day discover three little dots…

Directed at children and young audiences, the wordless performance tells a story of the three little dots transforming into lines. Using movement and visuals created with overhead projectors, performers Luis Sartori do Vale and Mira Ravald transform a blank white stage into a dynamic and poetic visual environment.

The Nordic Exposure season features a wide-ranging set of performances, from an immersive virtual reality experience to circus, and from family shows to theatre performances dealing with the topic of toxic masculinity. See the Jacksons Lane website for the full schedule.

Piste, piste, piste by Portmanteau, 26th March, 12pm & 3pm, Nordic Exposure. Jacksons Lane, 269a Archway Road, London N6 5AA. Tickets available here.

Nordic Exposure season at Jacksons Lane, 269a Archway Road, London N6 5AA, Saturday 5th March – Sunday 1st May 2022. Season Launch Night Wednesday 9th March 2022. All tickets £10 and under here. More about Jacksons Lane on their website.

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