New music piece ‘Sateentekijät’ is looking for playful performers

New music piece ‘Sateentekijät’ is looking for playful performers

Sateentekijät (Rainmakers) is an installation and composition for hands by composer Tytti Arola. The piece studies the possibilities of mimicking the sounds of rain, sleet and snow through simple and relatable gestures of clapping and rubbing hands. The actions create soundscapes which are emphasized and varied by using gloves made from different materials. 

The piece is performed by a group of people, who spread into the concert venue to create a spatial soundscape. The composition has a semi-structured form and the duration of the piece is 10 to 15 minutes.

The  piece will be premiered on Sunday 5th of April at 3.30 PM at Tuula Närhinen’s exhibition Deep Time Deposits: Tidal Impressions of the River Thames at Beaconsfield Gallery. The composition is in dialogue with Närhinen’s exhibition and it continues Arola’s and Närhinen’s collaboration.

Participants  don’t need to be able to read music. All you need is an open-minded and playful attitude and the ability to repeat hand gestures such as clapping and rubbing. The piece provides a fun and interesting experience of premiering contemporary music. 

Närhinen and Arola are currently looking for performers for the premiere of the composition. The participants will receive the materials for the piece latest on the 22nd of March. The materials contain written instructions and video material providing examples of the sounds. The piece will be rehearsed on Saturday 4th of April 4–6 PM and on Sunday 5th of April 1 PM at the Beaconsfield Gallery. The rehearsals and the performance are conducted by the composer.

If you’re interested in joining, please send an email to with the heading ‘Rain, sleet, snow’. 

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