Director-screenwriter Johanna Vuoksenmaa receives our first film residency prize
Audiovisual culture

Director-screenwriter Johanna Vuoksenmaa receives the first film-maker’s residency prize from the Finnish Institute in London.

“Along with Los Angeles, London is the centre of the global audiovisual industry. It’s a privilege to be able to give Ms Vuoksenmaa this opportunity to build international networks here”, says Pauliina Stahlberg, the Director of the Finnish Institute in London.

Vuoksenmaa has written and directed several successful comedy tv-series and films. She intends to spend her one-month residency in October this year building networks and finishing the script for her forthcoming film 75 on vain numero (75 is just a number).

“When I spend long enough outside from my culture and language area, it enables me to see more clearly which elements of the story are universal and essential.”

When not writing or networking, Vuoksenmaa plans to delve into British comedy.

“My cinematic  worldview has always been closely related to British realism, as well as the edginess and humanity of the characters typical in British films.”

The Finnish Institute in London announced an open call for residency for the first time this year. Around 30 Finnish and Finland-based mid-career film professionals applied. The winner was selected by the board of Filmiaura, the Finnish association for film professionals.

Photo by Tuomas Selänne/Filmiaura ry 

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