Interns’ choice for October: magical fairytales and labyrinths

Interns’ choice for October: magical fairytales and labyrinths

In October our interns are admiring autumn coloured nature, playing magical card games and attending festivals. Find an activity that best suits you or try them all out! 


Ilkka’s pick:

Magic the Gathering: Throne of Eldraine

At least for me the biggest and most beautiful card game in the world is Magic the Gathering. I got my first touch to the game when studying in Ireland a year ago. And I was hooked! In Magic player takes the role of a wizard (aka planeswalker) and summons powerful creatures and spells in a match of skills and wits. It will be one year anniversary for my new hobby and Magic the Gathering will get its next expansion Throne of Eldraine October 4th. This also means that Standard format will have its fall rotation. If these terms sound too complicated for you I’m sure that MtG community will gladly help you. Magic is not just a game it’s also a very welcoming community as far as I know.

Dark Sphere, Arch 186 Hercules Road London, SE1 7LD England,
Dark Sphere – Shepherd’s Bush, Unit 8 W12 Shopping Centre London, W12 8PP,,
Different events basically every day, prices vary depending on the format


Kaisa’s pick:

Maze in Crystal Palace Park

My absolute favorite places to visit in London are the parks all around the city. One of the upsides is that you can be in nature and still right in the middle of London. As a Finn green surroundings make me feel like home. I think I could spend hours in parks and that’s why I got so excited when I heard about the maze in Crystal Palace Park, which is a labyrinth made of trees. I’m sure that I’m going to spend hours there, not necessarily by choice, let alone relaxing. It’ll definitely be much fun and hopefully I’ll find my way out. It might just take some time, which is why snacks will join me on this mission.

Crystal Palace Park, Thicket Rd, London SE20 8DT,, open on weekdays 7:30am–8:30pm and weekends 9am–8:30pm, free admission


Camilla’s pick:

Walthamstow Wetlands

October means autumn, comfy sweaters and long walks in the cooling air. I don’t think of myself as the most traditional of Finns but there is something about autumn that drives me to the forests and rural areas. I love picking berries and mushrooms and while no such forests can be found near Central London I can wholeheartedly recommend the Walthamstow Wetlands to everyone who wants to take a stroll through autumn coloured nature. The Walthamstow Wetlands is a fairly new nature reserve that consists of several reservoirs and marked paths. The place is huge so I suggest you take a look at the map before you arrive.  

Walthamstow Wetlands, 2 Forest Road, London N17 9NH,, open every day from 9.30am to 5pm, free admission


Jenni’s pick:

BFI London Film Festival

My pick is the BFI London Film Festival during the first half of October. The festival caters to all tastes, and tickets can be found in various price ranges. I like surprises, so I bought a ticket to a surprise film screening and I can’t wait to see which movie I’ll get to see! I’m also drawn to the Dare and Debate series of screenings, because I’m interested in the discussion and portrayal of difficult societal topics in movies.

BFI London Film Festival, various locations in London,, 2–13 October, tickets: prices vary

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