5th edition of In Short, Europe Short Film Festival: Awakening

5th edition of In Short, Europe Short Film Festival: Awakening

A collection of invigorating short films from 24 European countries

21-22 April 2023, Everyman Cinemas, Leeds

12-13 May 2023, Ciné Lumière Institut Français Royaume – Uni, London

EUNIC London in collaboration with the EU Delegation to the UK, LEEDS 2023,  Leeds International Film Festival and the Institut français du Royaume-Uni is pleased to present the fifth edition of In Short, Europe short film festival, taking place in Leeds, 21 – 22 April 2023 and in London, 12-13 May 2023.

This edition, entitled Awakening, is organised into four strands: Explore, Grow, Surround and Dream and invites you to imagine new beginnings, reflect on your past experiences and dare to dream of a brighter future. Minna Rainio and Mark Roberts’s film To Teach a Bird to Fly will be screened on 22 April at 12.00pm.

The programme has been curated by Ellie Hales, Film Programmer at Leeds International Film Festival.

More info on the In Short, Europe: Awakening: https://www.leedsfilm.com/in-short/


Ticket links:

Explore: https://my.leedstickethub.co.uk/21556/21614

Surround: https://my.leedstickethub.co.uk/21556/21613

Grow: https://my.leedstickethub.co.uk/21556/21615

Dream: https://my.leedstickethub.co.uk/21556/21562


More about the EUNIC : http://europe.org.uk/project/in-short-europe-awakening/


LEEDS2023 website:





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