Immerse yourself in the smoky tones and acrobatics

Immerse yourself in the smoky tones and acrobatics

19.04.2018 | Circus

What happens when you bring smoky tones of French chansons, and old school rock ‘n’ roll together with aerial acrobatics? Obviously the artwork Yablochkov Candle by Finnish artists Ilona Jäntti & Aino Venna!

Aerialist Ilona Jäntti and singer-songwriter Aino Venna are performing at CircusFest 2018 in April. Their cabaret-esque work brings the audience back to 1920’s combining poetic jazz and circus. The performance certainly takes your breath away, and it sticks into your mind for a long time.

CircusFest 2018 is organized by Roundhouse. Their mission is to inspire young artists and help them to grow creatively as individuals.

Performances daily 19.–21.4.2018 at 8pm. Address: 269a Archway Road, London N6 5AA. Admission £15.30.

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