How to organize your own Feminist Swearing Night

How to organize your own Feminist Swearing Night

Great news! Local feminists are starting to run regular feminist swearing nights in Brighton! (Learn more about their events by following them on Facebook:
Feminist swearing nights are a concept created by the Feminist Think tank Hattu.

If you want to follow the Brighton example, it’s easier than you might think! In May, Hattu’s three presidents Saara Särmä, Johanna Vehkoo and Rosa Meriläinen ran a workshop at the British Library on how to organise your own Feminist Swearing Nights. These guidelines were introduced in a workshop:

1. It’s a good idea to find at least three guest speakers who are willing to start
2. One of the hosts welcomes everyone personally 
3. Ask every person if they could come to the stage and tell everyone what pisses them off as a feminist
4. Write down the names of people who want to swear (you will probably have to circle around a few times during the evening in order to get enough names) 
5. Hosts should also swear
6. Hosts will introduce speakers and make them feel welcome
7. Have a 10-15 minute break or two
8. Everyone can speak, subject matter and format are free
9. Every speaker is a star and should be celebrated

Organiser’s checklist

Location: Preferably a bar. Should be accessible
Target group: All feminists of all genders
Price: Usually free but it’s up to you – some have collected money for a good cause
Duration: Not determined but approximately 2 hours is recommended

Text: Kaisa Paavola Image: Roxy Mikkonen

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