Comic artist Petteri Tikkanen: “If an illustration looks good on a t-shirt, it looks good anywhere”

Comic artist Petteri Tikkanen: “If an illustration looks good on a t-shirt, it looks good anywhere”

This weekend Finnish illustrator and comic artist Petteri Tikkanen is coming to Lakes International Comic Art Festival held in Kendal. We asked about his thoughts on the weekend.

You’ve made the logo for this year’s Lakes International for this year’s Lakes International Comic Arts Festival. How does it feel?

“Great! This is the most visibility my work has ever gained, as it will be used in all marketing material of the festival. I’m especially looking forward to seeing what it looks like in a t-shirt. If an illustration looks good on a t-shirt, it looks good anywhere.”

How did you get the idea for the logo?

“I saw a bunch of young lads throwing stones in water by the river running through Kendal. The moment had kind of a “Riot in Kendal” vibe to it. First I thought I would make teenage versions of my characters Kanerva and Eero throw rocks into river in a similar way, but ended up drawing them as younger children who are conquering whole Kendal as pirates!”

You’ve visited Lakes International Comic Arts Festival several times. What makes you come back again this year?

“The great atmosphere. In Kendal I feel I’m part of a community of comic artists. There are comic artists from all over the world. I’ve made some unexpected acquaintances there.”

What are your expectations for this year’s festival?

“I’m looking forward to easygoing encounters spiced up with quirky English humour. I also really want to meet the Canadian comic artist called Seth. He’s been one of my favourites for a long time. I met him at Helsinki Comics Festival way back when I was still a rookie as a comic artist. Now I might have more to say to him than then.”

Do you have any recommendations from this year’s programme? 

“I have to say The (Legendary) Big Zombie Comic Draw. I get to live-draw zombies together with Sean Phillips, Luke McGarry and Charlie Adlard, which means my love for horror comics will finally be fulfilled I have studied the dramatic shadows and folds especially from the 50’s comic albums Tales from the Crypt, The Vault of Horror and The Haunt of Fear. Now we shall see in front of the audience, if I’ve learnt anything”

Live draw: The (Legendary) Big Zombie Comic Draw, Main Theatre, Brewery Arts Centre122a Highgate, LA9 4HE Kendal. Sunday 14.10. 12:30 pm – 1:45 pm.

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, Kendal LA9 4HE. 12.–14.10.2018. Admission: £4–£35.

Text: Anna Suoninen, Picture: Sara Forsius.

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