Art/Work resident Anu Suhonen: “I’m looking into redoubled production, consumption and time”

Visual artist Anu Suhonen’s Diamond -mural has just been revealed in Lahti, Finland. In January Suhonen will start a residency in London, which closes up with a solo exhibition in Brixton.

The theme of the residency and the exhibition is the future of work. What do you find interesting in it?

“I explore themes that are timely, and the future of work is now a hot topic. I’m approaching the theme from the perspective of consumption and sustainability. They are both related to work and how we produce surplus material and waste.”

You applied for the residency with your work Process Accelerator. Can you tell more about it?

“Process Accelerator is a satirical piece about a factory of redoubled processes. The piece is based on thoughts about the redoubled production, consumption and time, as well as about their constant acceleration. In London I want to develop this concept bigger.”

What possibilities comes with 3D printing for artists?

“3D printing is already in use, but the problem is the size of the machines. The bigger machines, which are used in the industrial level, are not available for artists.”

Do you have any expectations for the residency and exhibition in London?

“I’m looking forward to being able to work with only one piece, which is not common for me. I think London is great place for working with this piece, because it is so dense when it comes to both time and architecture.”

The residency and exhibition are produced in conjunction with Finnish Institute in London and gallery Block 336:n.

Text: Anna Suoninen Photo: Anu Suhonen

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