28 October–1 November: A Weekend of Feeling Wor(l)ds

28 October–1 November: A Weekend of Feeling Wor(l)ds

Correspondence is an age-old method for being in touch, keeping in touch, and exchanging experiences, feelings and stories. Feeling wor(l)ds proposes a method of corresponding with one another’s practices, responding with thoughts, questions, experiences, work in progress – slowly feeling them out in relation. How might we nurture practices of radical localism that are in conversation with other places, perspectives and contextual knowledges?


Feeling wor(l)ds is a project that explores these themes. As a part of the project Camille Auer, Ashanti Harris, Katharine Macfarlane, and Astrida Neimanis exchanged words and worlds through a process of email correspondence from May to September.

A Weekend of Feeling Wor(l)ds builds on that correspondence and produces a programme of performances, sound works, sensory exercises, collective research, and publication making on Skye. As the timing coincides with the weekend of Samhain, there will also be a celebratory bonfire and other additional events.

28 October – Sounds (Belonging to our word(l)ds)
Poet Katharine Macfarlane explores the ways we relate to the worlds around and within us through language, feeling and sound.

29 October – Air passing through feathers, drawing a sense of space around us / A collage, a choreography, a collective imagining
Air Passing Through Feathers, Drawing a Sense of Space Around Us is a concrete sound composition by Camille Auer, and A collage, a choreography, a collective imagining by artist Ashanti Harris is an invitation to explore and redefine our relationship to our bodies and the environments we move through.

30 October – Feeling Worl(d)s on the Making Publics Press
A day of collective publication making at An Crùbh.


Full weekend programme and location information here.


Feeling wor(l)ds is a partnership project with ATLAS Arts and the Finnish Institute in the UK and Ireland.

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