6 October The Other Approach in Cambridge

6 October The Other Approach in Cambridge

How can architecture help to address loneliness and wellbeing? Which lessons can be extracted from Finnish building praxis?

The Other Approach is an event that examines ‘living’ as suggested by Finnish architecture, which is often qualified as being at a crossroads: of the vernacular and modernism, of the East and West, of natural and high-tech, of the nightless night and of round-the-clock darkness. From such an in-between space, do we have particular insight into mediating between the opposites and extremes that define contemporary life – into approaches that challenge, complement and contradict the global status quo? This event considers a range of topics from the diversity of living to anarchistic workhomes and Nordic Noir in architecture.

Keynote from Teemu Kurkela, JKMM Architects, Helsinki, with introductory talks by Finnish architects from the University of Cambridge: Prof Dr Minna Sunikka-Blank, Churchill College, Dr Sofia Singler, Homerton College, Prof Dr Antti Ahlava, Clare Hall College (and Aalto University). The event is free of charge but requires registration via the link below.


The Other Approach, Thursday 6 October 2022, 14:00 – 16:00. Richard Eden Suite, West Court Herschel Road, Cambridge CB3 9AG, United Kingdom. Sign up for the free event here.

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