30/1–2/2 Finnish Exposure in Glasgow

30/1–2/2 Finnish Exposure in Glasgow

The Finnish Institute heads up north! Come join us in Glasgow for talks on science and minority languages, Finnish documentary screenings and a participatory dance performance! All events are free and open to all.


Thursday 30th Jan – The Future of Science

18:00 – Discussion: Future of Medicine: Innovations in Technology and Education
Paul Rea (Professor of Digital and Anatomical Education, University of Glasgow) will share his insights on the future of medicine. Followed by Q&A and wine reception. 

19:30-21:30 Finnish science documentaries:

19:30 The Other Side of Mars (dir. Minna Långström, 2019, 56min), a unique look into what happens behind the scenes of NASA’s Mars research 
20:30 Who Made You (dir. Iiris Härmä, 2019, 55min), an exploration on how Artificial Intelligence changes our realities and futures. 


Friday 31st Jan – Preserving Minority Languages

18:00 Discussion: Minority languages in Scotland, Finland and Sweden
What are the best practices in preserving minority languages like Gaelic and Scots in Scotland and Sámi languages and Meänkieli in Finland and Sweden? What are the benefits of bilingualism?
Discussion with Riitta Valijärvi (Principal Teaching Fellow, University College London), Jim Whannel (Oraidiche/Teaching Fellow, The University of Edinburgh, Director of Gaelic Education, Bòrd na Gàidhlig) and Antonella Sorace (Professor of Developmental Linguistics and Director of Bilingualism Matters, University of Edinburgh). Followed by Q&A and wine reception. 

19:30 – 21:00 Finnish Documentaries dealing with the challenges of Sámi identity:

19:30 Birds in the Earth (dir. Marja Helander, 2018, 10min)
19:40 Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest (dir. Katja Gauriloff, 2016, 1h22min) 


Sunday 2nd Feb 

13:00 The Days, dance performance
Choreography by Theo Clinkard, dancers Maria Nurmela and Ville Oinonen in collaboration with Glasgow senior citizens, duration 50 min.


All events take place at CCA Glasgow
350 Sauchiehall Street, G2 3JD Glasgow


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