23.—24.6. We Should All Be Dreaming at LIFT 2022

23.—24.6. We Should All Be Dreaming at LIFT 2022

Dine together and imagine radical futures.

LIFT 2022 presents the UK premiere of We Should All Be Dreaming. This is an ongoing practice initiated in 2018 by artist-activist duo Sonya Lindfors and Maryan Abdulkarim. The project focuses on the radical potential of decolonial dreaming as a restorative and subversive practice and materialises through different iterations that are always context specific. Last year they launched a publication related to the project, which you can download here.


We Should All Be Dreaming invites people to spend time listening and dreaming together in an attempt to collectively imagine new futures. Situating itself somewhere between a collective think tank, a choreographed gathering and a performance – the project invites participants to radically dream of new utopian futures together. We Should All Be Dreaming is a collaboration between choreographer Sonya Lindfors (she/her) and writer and activist Maryan Abdulkarim (she/her), who both are interested in radical utopian and decolonial practices.

Over the course of a curated dinner party, invited guests will be led in group discussions to dream up common futures. This restorative and subversive work attempts to reveal, shake or break existing power structures and hierarchies to create a more inclusive society. The world around us is plagued by fear, anger and hatred, but We Should All Be Dreaming offers a different path – we propose gathering and dreaming as an act of soft resistance, making space for communal coexistence.

“The possible has been tried and failed. Now it’s time to try the impossible!” – Sun Ra

Radical dreaming is how we get there.


We Should All Be Dreaming at LIFT Festival, 23.–24.6., Black Cultural Archives. Free, invite only. See event page for information on ticketing and invites. Full programme for LIFT 2022 here.

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