20.7. Arts project crosses the bridge on Irish border

20.7. Arts project crosses the bridge on Irish border

International arts project Voicing the Bridge is taking over the bridge that crosses the border between Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. In this community arts project artists from different disciplines create conversation, performance and participatory programme on Clady bridge.

The project team consists of arts professionals from Finland, the UK and the United States. Performance artist Jan-Erik Andersson, artist Eileen Hutton and writer-poet Robert Powell have brought the project into life with the help of their partners in cooperation. Andersson and Powell have long been interested in bridges and have previously been working with them, for example with a project related to Aurajoki in Turku, Finland.

The location of the project, Clady bridge crossing the border river Finn, reflects the challenges between borders and free movement. The Irish border is one of the key issues yet to be solved in Brexit process. The project received funding through Finnish Institute’s Open Call this year. 


Voicing The Bridge, Clady, Ireland and Northern Ireland, http://www.eaf.ie/events/voicing-the-bridge/, 20.7.2019, 11am–5pm, free admission

Text: Kaisa Paavola, photo: Jan-Erik Andersson / Eileen Hutton / Robert Powell


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