20.-28.4. In Short, Europe: Nun or Never! by Heta Jäälinoja

20.-28.4. In Short, Europe: Nun or Never! by Heta Jäälinoja

The 6th edition of In Short, Europe, is set to take place in Scotland for the very first time at the Glasgow Film Theatre on 20 and 21 April and once again in London at the Ciné Lumière from 26 to 28 April. The Festival is a diverse and exciting celebration of European short filmmaking. In Short, Europe: Best of Best features five strands, including a special selection of children’s animation, which have been curated by Glasgow’s Balenji Mwiche – Smile You’re on Camera, Hard Decisions, People on the Precipice, Psychodrama and Why’s the Sky Blue?

The second strand, Hard Decisions, looks at all the ways in which choice and decision is thrust upon us and the almost psychedelic and euphoric experience this conflict can induce.  To change, one’s life in any kind of drastic way is a nauseating prospect for most, but upheaval can allow us to grow, rebel, and reconsider what is important to us. Among others, it features Finnish filmmaker Heta Jäälinoja‘s short film Nun or Never! (2023). We follow a nun as she tends to her garden…. and all the temptations that might lay there. Faith and temptation combine in this lush and exuberant animation.

In Short, Europe is organised by EUNIC London, the network of European cultural institutes of which the Finnish Institute in the UK and Ireland is a member, EU Delegation to the UK, Glasgow Film Festival (GFF), and the Institut français du Royaume-Uni.

Find out more about the festival here.

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