19/7–7/9 Pilvi Takala’s undercover videos come to Dublin

19/7–7/9 Pilvi Takala’s undercover videos come to Dublin

Pilvi Takala is one of the most successful new-generation artists in Finland. Her video art often explores communities and their unwritten rules. She does this by performing undercover in character e.g. as an intern or a teacher. The experiments often takes place in different work environments. In these everyday scenarios she subtly breaks boundaries of convention, personal space, and productivity, which in turn stimulates surprising and inherently human responses from her unwitting participants. What are the boundaries of weird behaviour at workplace? How about the limits of appropriate smalltalk? 

Pilvi Takala’s exhibition in Temple Bar Gallery + Studios will be the first solo presentation of her work in Ireland. 


Pilvi Takala, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, 5–9 Temple Bar, Dublin 2, free admission. http://www.templebargallery.com/gallery/exhibition/pilvi-takala

Text: Ninni Lehtniemi Photo: Pilvi Takala, The Stroker, 2018, video installation, courtesy of Carlos/Ishikawa

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