30.11.2017 |

Behind each door, there is an authentic letter to Santa

As a part of our Tale of Two Countries online gallery, we are happy to introduce our advent calendar Santa’s Calendar. The calendar consists of heart-warming letters written by British children. The letters reflect the children’s joyful excitement and strong belief in Santa Claus.

The letters are a part of the Santa Claus’ Archives, kept in the Oulu branch of the National Archives of Finland. Santa’s Archives contain a collection of the letters and postcards sent to the post office of the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, beginning from the year 1997. Children and grown-ups from all around the world send letters to Santa Claus. In addition to Finland, the most letters come from the UK, Japan, Italy, France, Lithuania and Poland. Read more about the Santa’s archives: The National Archives of Finland

We will publish a new letter every day between 1 – 25 December.


Find the calendar here.


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