We highlight expression where language is not a barrier to understanding a performance

Contemporary circus is one of the Institute’s focus areas, and we also support other forms of physical theatre, such as mime. We believe that besides entertainment, performing arts can work as powerful tools to improve physical and mental well-being. We also encourage addressing social challenges through performing arts.

Our main partners include Jackson’s Lane Theatre and Brighton Fringe. We bring Finnish performers to various events in Britain, such as London Circus Festival and Mime Festival, which offer Finnish performers a chance to network internationally.

One of our most important tools for supporting performing artists is the TelepART funding programme, which supports Finnish artists travelling to the United Kingdom and Ireland, or British or Irish artist travelling to Finland. TelepART funding is primarily designed to help Finland’s most exciting new performance artists to break into the international scene. The funding is targeted for emerging talent in theatre, circus, music and dance.

Please find more information on our current projects below.

Theme photo from ‘Catepillars’ children’s circus by Kallo Collective. Photo: Heidi Hanna Karhu

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